Congressional Aquarium is your one-stop-shop for all freshwater fish. Whether you are a novice or an expert we have staff on hand to advise you and the fish on hand to stock your tank. We are here to answer your questions on specific species and their needs, along with novice questions such as: what does a fish tank involve, how do I maintain a fish tank, and

We have over 30 species of live bearers and more than 40 species of tetras. Our selection is the largest in all of the DC area. Come in today and browse, or submit a contact form to inquire about a certain species.

We participate in the National Capital Area Cichilid Association. Maybe you have seen us there? We won first place for our African Cichlid display! We have enough African Cichlids to stock your 125 gallon tank with colors that put saltwater to shame. Need a fancy tropheus? We are your one stop shop for African and South American Cichlids.


We also have a large assortment to stock you micro tanks. Micro tanks have become a fad in the aquarium hobby catering to those living in apartments, but also adopted by those with room to spare. Micro tanks are a beautiful addition to the office desk, but there is one problem … where do you find beautiful micro species to add to your new aquarium? Stop into our store and ask an employee to show you the show stoppers that you need for your micro tank.

At our store we make things simple. We have a easy to use color system to designate the aggression level of our freshwater fish. This makes things simple for the novice enthusiast. You can come in and you instantly know which fish are compatible with your aquarium. But don’t let that stop you from asking one of our knowledgeable employees for advice. Our employees incorporate and exemplify family values in helping you and giving you the best shopping experience you have ever had.